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MD, David Kuranga Awarded a Major Book Contract with Macmillan Publishers

3 Dec

The Managing Director of Kuranga & Associates, David O. Kuranga has been awarded a major book contract with Palgrave Macmillan press. The book, set to be released in July of 2012, is titled The Power of InterdependenceThe Power of Interdependencenow available for pre-order, challenges dominant views in global affairs, that individual countries maintain control over the international system. It advances an alternative possibility, that in fact, the power of individual countries is now being matched and at times consumed by the power of supranational organizations, which are international bodies made-up of several independent countries. The book uses detailed accounts, with insider classified data, of multinational interventions in select countries in Africa to demonstrate the shift in global affairs. The text gives a rare look inside the inner-workings of coercive diplomacy in an understudied area utilizing a new way of looking at our world. The book is also designed to assist decision-makers and investors to advance more comprehensive strategies to promote stability and sustained development throughout the region.

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