Blockchain Brunch Hamptons White Party: A new Concensus for Blockchain?

3 Jul

David O. Kuranga, Ph.D.

The first annual Blockchain Brunch Hamptons White Party  comes as the mainstream institutional investment community has started to embrace the emerging asset class of blockchain cryptocurrency. The Associates Incubator has organized the event, to move the blockchain industry towards courting traditional institutional capital. Over 95% of the conferences and events in the blockchain industry cater towards less than 5% of the potential investors that are interested in the space. To the average investor interested in the blockchain asset class, these events are all the same.

Each event brings out a panel of “experts”, that basically comprises of the early adapters and evangelists of the cryptocurrency asset class. Their talks to the average investor are essentially all the same. They tell everyone how successful they have been by investing so early on and how they have developed complex technical strategies to navigate emerging opportunities that 95% of the investors will not understand. At the end, the average investor gets beaten over the head about how much smarter the panelists are than them, how they do not understand most of the terminology used or the basic technology referenced–basically how they will never be on their level. Needless to say, this is not a useful way of attracting institutional investment capital into the blockchain industry. In fact, most average investors that I have spoken to, leave these condescending ego-tripping roadshows, unable, unwilling, and a times downright scared to ask their simple questions. There is no reason why an intelligent and highly successful interested investor should ever leave a blockchain industry conference or event feeling this way. Yet unfortunately that is the norm.

This informal blockchain party is very different from most of the smorgasbord of professional events in this space. Since we have realized that too many blockchain conferences cater solely to the early adopters and the evangelists of this asset class, we have turned the paradigm on its head. Most blockchain events fail to address basic questions relating to financial performance, liquidity and liquidity risks, and political and technical risk management that the broad range of investors are most concerned with. At the Hamptons Blockchain Party rather than alienating the many emerging  investors, we have made these newcomers the guests of honor.

We have taken the event out of New York City where the industry’s largest event, Concensus, is held, and put this event right in the backyards where many of these investors are most comfortable, on vacation in the Hampton’s surrounded by friends and family. At this party all questions are welcome and investors will be able to ask them on a one-to-one basis with any industry leaders that are ready to step outside their bubble and interact with this new class of investor. As regulations are now allowing for institutional capital to enter into the cryptocurrency space, the programming within the industry has to change fast! We hope our annual Hamptons Blockchain Brunch gets the conversation started and begins to help many of the “experts” in the industry to start learning what indeed are the issues that concern most accredited and institutional family office investors.

The Associates Incubator is a collective of creative and innovative leaders. The Incubator acts as advisory and asset manager with a principle practice areas in Blockchain, renewable energy, and investment in the emerging economies of Africa. To learn more about The Associates Incubator and our parent company Kuranga and Associates LTD contact us at © Copyright 2018 David Kuranga. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


David O. Kuranga; Ph.D.
Managing Director
The Associates Incubator
Phone: 646.481.6263

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