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African Investment Drive Underway Alongside the UN General Assembly (DAY 1)

22 Sep

David O. Kuranga, Ph.D.

The author is the Managing Director and Principal of Kuranga and Associates, a full-service investment, political and economic risk consultancy, and asset management firm that specializes in Africa. He is also the author of The Power of Interdependence with Palgrave Macmillan Press.

DAY 1:

Alongside high-level delegations from around the world, a major investment drive is underway in New York, as African delegations are busy seeking to increase investment among international investors from around the world gathered in New York. Meetings underway have taken place at the New York Stock Exchange hosted by African Investor Magazine, and at the United Nations Headquarters hosted by the African Business Roundtable. One common theme among African delegations is that the level of investment coming from Western investors is far less today than the level of investment that they are seeing coming from Asian investors. The hope is that by targeted marketing and promotion African can convince institutional investors to increase their exposure to African investment opportunities where returns remain higher on average than the rest of the world. Alongside CEO’s and Ministers from around the world President Mahama from Ghana addressed the gathering at the New York Stock Exchange to highlight the developments ongoing in Africa and the plethora of investment opportunities and returns existing investors are seeing. At UN Headquarters heads of state and government gathered to discuss multilateral strategies to enhance peace and security in order to promote growth and development.

There is tremendous interest among international investors in Africa, perhaps more so than ever before. Major concerns were liquidity of investments, regional integration, and political stability. Panelist sought to address these concerns while investors shared their experiences and successes in order to foster a better understanding of how international investors should approach Africa. Kuranga and Associates has consistently sought to highlight investment opportunities in SMEs and privately held firms in Africa, particularly in Nigeria. While international investors are keenly interested in these opportunities they find it very difficult to access them. Kuranga and Associates will continue to position ourselves as a bridge between international capital investors and privately held investment opportunities in Africa and Nigeria. We will continue to share our stories at the UN General Assembly 2014.

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